Mossel Bay

About Mossel Bay

Who can resist spending a holiday in Mossel Bay?  Our climate is seen as the 2nd most moderate in the world, next to a small town in Hawaii.  Mossel Bay is the generally never too hot or cold which makes it a perfect holiday destination.

With it’s rich history dating back to 1488, Mossel Bay was one of the first settlements in South Africa.

Mossel Bay has plenty to offer in terms of sports, adventure, entertainment and fine dining.

Adventure Activities

Mossel Bay offers some of the worlds best adventure sports.  From Mountain Biking and Trail Running to Shark Cage Diving, SCUBA Diving, Skydiving and Sandboarding to name a few.  Boat trips to Seal Island departs from the harbor area and you can also go on a Whale Watching Tour in season.  Dolphins, Seals and Sharks can also be spotted on these trips.

Adventure Activities in Mossel Bay

Quality Beaches

Our beaches is great for sunbathing, swimming and other water sports.  During December Diaz Beach, Santos Beach, Hartenbos Main Beach and Little Brak Beach is popular spots for everyday “fun in the sun”.  Diaz Beach & Hartenbos Beach will also have Summer Entertainment Programs. If you are looking for a getaway with a loved one, our spacious & white sandy beaches offer very romantic walks and picnics.

Quality Beaches


Mossel Bay has 2 golf courses.  The Mossel Bay Golf Club is situated on the hill and it lives up to it’s slogan – Where you can see the sea from every tee.. Pinnacle Point Golf Course is also nearby ( 5 minutes ) and is rates as one of the top 10 new golf courses in the world.  Previously the course was not open to the public but have recently been opened to everyone.  This is a course that will challenge all your skills.

Golfing in Mossel Bay


Mossel Bay has some unique restaurants.  Traditional South African cuisine can be found here with some of the greatest wines in the area.  Kaai 4 and De Vette Mossel will give you an unique experiences.  They have open fires where the food is prepared right in front of your eyes.  De Vette Mossel is a buffet style seafood restaurant on the beach, your feet will touch the sand when sitting down.  Other great spots include Delfinos at the point, Kingfisher, Ponto Grill & Carvery and Admirals at the Garden Route Casino.

Restaurants in Mossel Bay


Beside adventure and sports, Mossel Bay has so much more to offer.  The Garden Route Casino is less than a 5 minute drive from the town area.  Inside you will also find the Bravo Lounge where quality entertainment can be found.  The Barnyard Theater also provide great live music and food.

Entertainment in Mossel Bay